Amethyst Crystal Properties

Peace, Dreamwork, Healing

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3 min readSep 28, 2022
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Spiritual Properties

  • Travel Amulet
  • Home Purification
  • Brings protection and spiritual growth
  • Use during all psychic work and divinations
  • Talisman for raising hopes and lifting the spirit
  • Blocks geopathic stress and negative environment energies
  • Hold or wear on your non-dominant hand for a soothing and de-stressing effect
  • Transmutes lower energies to the higher frequencies of the spiritual and etheric realms
  • Aids in psychic development and opens intuition, while guards against psychic attack
  • Balances and connects the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, linking them to the spiritual

Mental Properties

  • Reduces nightmares
  • Allows you to self soothe
  • Facilitates the decision-making process
  • Enhances memory and improves motivation
  • promotes responsibility, self-worth, spiritual peace, and meditation
  • Enhances the assimilation of new ideas and connects causes with the effect
  • Helps keep you from feeling scattered, while more focused and in control of yourself
  • Help you remember and understand your dreams, while facilitating the visualization process
  • Good with helping you make decisions and move forward in life by promoting focus and clarity while helping you to see and understand the bigger picture
Raw Amethyst

Emotional Properties

  • Soothes irritability
  • Brings calmness and clarity in times of confusion
  • Provides common sense and flexibility in times of crisis
  • Promotes peace, patience, acceptance, and relaxes the mind
  • Dispels anger, rage, and fear, while alleviating sadness and grief
  • Balances out emotional highs and lows and promotes emotional centering
  • Calm, synthesize, and aid the transmission of neural signals through the brain

Kundalini Properties

  • Stimulates the throat and crown chakras
  • Cleanses the aura and transmutes negative energy
  • Enhances the ability to tune in with external vibrations and energies
  • Rids your home and body of negative energy while attracting positive energy
Amethyst Points


  • I am inspired
  • Love makes me free
  • My life moves with grace
  • I am amazing in my own unique way
  • I am calm and find peace within the chaos
  • I am connected to the wisdom of the universe
  • I am calm, peaceful, and relaxed in my mind body, and soul


  • Chakras: Crown and Third eye
  • Energy: Receptive
  • Planets: Jupiter, Neptune
  • Element: Air, Water
  • Zodiacs: Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius
  • Number: 3, 7

Health Benefits

  • Has a sobering effect, supports sobriety
  • Helps those with addiction overcome it
  • Helps with physical ailments such as headache, insomnia, and arthritis
  • Boost the immune system by purifying the blood, and reducing psychological, emotional, and physical pain
  • A natural tranquilizer. It relieves stress and strain, while soothing irritability, and balancing mood swings
  • Useful for those suffering from diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, skin conditions, disorders of the cells, and diseases of the digestive system
  • Aids in hormone production and brings an important balance to the endocrine system. This plays an important role in general metabolism
Amethyst Tumbles

Physical Properties

  • Color: Light to Dark Purple, Fades in the sunlight
  • Habit: 6-sided prism ending in a 6-sided pyramid
  • Rarity: Common
  • Luster: Vitreous/Glossy
  • Species: Chalcedony, Quartz
  • Zoning: None
  • Gravity: 2.6–2.7
  • Hardness: 7
  • Cleavage: None
  • Fracture: Conchoidal
  • Twinning: Dauphine law, Brazil law, and Japan law
  • Locations: Africa, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia Uruguay, and the USA
  • Pleochroism: Weak
  • Fluorescence: None
  • Birefringence: 0.009
  • Transparency: Transparent to translucent
  • Named After: From Greek “amethystos” or ‘αμέθυστος’, meaning not intoxicated
  • Classification: Tectosilicate
  • Melting point: 1650±75 °C
  • Discovered In: France, About 25,000 years ago
  • Discovered By: Prehistoric People
  • Luminescence: Weak
  • Chemical Name: silicon dioxide
  • Refractive Index: 1.54–1.55
  • System/Structure: Hexagonal, Rhombohedral, Trigonal
  • Chemical Formula: SiO2
  • Inclusions: Iron
  • Streak: White
  • Chemistry Classification: Silica

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