Selenite Crystal Properties

Purification, Amplification, Spiritual Connection

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3 min readJul 5, 2023

Aka: Gypsum Selenite

Spiritual Properties

  • Acts as a tool for enlightenment
  • Great to amplify your manifestation
  • Can connect one to the angelic realm
  • Opens the inner self to the spiritual realm
  • Builds the psychic gift of clairaudience — clear hearing
  • Use during meditation to make contact with your guides and open yourself to spirit
  • Ideal for cleansing a space, creating a safe space, and an uplifting environment protected from outside influences

Mental Properties

  • Helps you gain mental clarity
  • Helps you access your intuition

Emotional Properties

  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Known to unblock stagnant energy and release emotions
  • Embodies a helpful energy to help alleviate anxiety, and instills a deep peace

Kundalini Properties

  • Clears the aura
  • Clears all blockages in the energy field
  • A high-energy crystal that vibrates at a higher frequency
  • Useful for empaths and healers who need to protect their energy
  • Can be used to cleanse the energy of your crystals if you feel they have begun to dull


  • Chakras: Third Eye and Crown
  • Energy: Receptive
  • Planets: The Moon
  • Element: Air, Water
  • Zodiacs: Gemini, Cancer
  • Number: 8


  • My mind is open to new information
  • I release any energy that is not mine and call my energy back to me
  • I think clearly and rationally and remain open to new ideas
  • My mind is clear and at peace
  • I have the power to manifest my wildest dreams

Health Benefits

  • Helps with skeletal issues
  • Can reverse free radical damage to cell structure
  • Can help clear the glands of your body and give you the energy you need

Physical Properties

Color: Colorless, but can be tinted due to inclusion of matter

Habit: Earthy — dull, clay-like texture with no visible crystalline affinities,

Rarity: Very Common

Luster: Pearly

Species: Sulfate Mineral

Zoning: Absent

Parting: Present

Streak: White

Gravity: 2.3–2.4

Tenacity: Sectile and slightly flexible

Fracture: Fibrous, Uneven — thin, elongated fractures produced by crystal forms or intersecting cleavages

Cleavage: [010] Perfect, [100] Distinct, [011] Distinct

Hardness: 2

Locations: Mexico, Morocco, Brazil, the United States, and Poland

Twinning: Very common forming cruciform and V-shaped twins; as a butterfly or heart-shaped twins.

Inclusions: It can come with a variety of conclusions and has to be examined on a case-by-case basis. Some include sand, limonite, and hematite

Dispersion: Strong; r > v

Chatoyancy: Absent

Pleochroism: Absent

Fluorescence: Present

Birefringence: 0.166 (very high)

Diaphaneity: Opaque to transparent

Melting point: 608°F

Luminescence: Long Waves (365nm): Yellowish White, Short Waves (254 nm): Bluish White

Chemical Name: Hydrous calcium sulfate

Refractive Index: nα=1.519–1.521, nβ=1.522–1.523, nγ=1.529–1.53

System/Structure: Monoclinic

Optical properties: Biaxial (+) 2V=58

Chemical Formula: CaSO4·2H2O

Chemical Classification: Sulfate

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